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The Taxi News for Monday October 20, 2014

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Male Dressed In Women’s Clothing Stabbed Cab Driver In Center City

KYW-TV Channel 3 - (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

October 16, 2014 9:44 AM
By Steve Beck

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A male dressed in women’s clothing stabbed a cab driver in Philadelphia Thursday morning, police said.

The incident happened at about 4:30 a.m. at 12th and Market Streets in Center City.

According to investigators, the suspect, who police say was a male dressed in women’s clothing, stabbed a cab driver in the leg.

The cab driver was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he is listed in stable condition. - more....

Cab Driver Could Face 15 Days In Jail For Killing 9-Year-Old Boy On UWS

Gothamist - (New York City, New York)

John Del Signore in News  on Oct 17, 2014 10:00 am

The taxi driver who killed a 9-year-old boy as he crossed an Upper West Side street with his father in January has now been charged by the Manhattan District Attorney. Koffi Komlani was arraigned in criminal court on October 7th and charged with one count of Failure to Exercise Due Care, which is a traffic infraction. The penalty, if convicted, is a maximum 15 days in jail, a $750 fine, and a license suspension.

Komlani was released on his own recognizance, and his license was suspended at the time of his arraignment. His next court appearance is scheduled for December 4th.

Cooper was holding is father's hand as they crossed West 97th Street at West End Avenue when Komlani turned into them, striking both and killing the child. After the fatal crash, Komlani was issued a summons for failure to yield and released.

In May, Stock's mother, Dana Lerner, said the DA told her they would not press criminal charges against Komlani. "They told me there is nothing in the law right now that specifies that he can be charged with any crime,” Lerner said at the time. "The laws in New York state which say you can kill someone and not face any real consequences are appalling, and they need to be changed.” - more....

Police: D.C. Cab Driver Not Involved in Sunday Sexual Assault

Washington City Paper - (Washington D.C.)

Posted by Perry Stein on Oct. 16, 2014 at 10:30 am

The Metropolitan Police Department says that it no longer believes a cab driver was involved in the Sunday sexual assault of a woman on the 900 block of Kennedy Street NW. Police originally said the female victim was a passenger in a cab when her driver assaulted her around 3 a.m.

But Wednesday afternoon, police retracted that allegation, saying further investigation showed that the victim was walking on that block when she was approached by a man and sexually assaulted.

"No DC taxi cab was involved," the police statement read. - more....

Taxi cab drivers to protest today around Union Station

The Washington Post - (Washington D.C.)

By Dana Hedgpeth October 17

Taxi cab drivers are expected to protest at Friday Union Station, an action that could potentially create traffic delays.

Starting around 10 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., union leaders said, they expect “a couple hundred cars” to drive around Columbus Circle in front of Union Station. The event is expected to last until noon, organizers said.

“It is not meant to disturb but to demonstrate that we are an essential part of the city,” said Royale Simms, a union leader for Local 922 — which represents about 2,000 taxi cab drivers. - more....

Cab Drivers Shouldn't Carry Concealed Weapons, D.C. Police Chief Says

WRC-TV Channel 4 - (Washington D.C.)

Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 • Updated at 11:21 AM EDT

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says taxi drivers should be banned from carrying concealed handguns.

Lanier  made the recommendation during a hearing on a bill that would allow District of Columbia residents and visitors to get concealed handgun permits for the first time in nearly 40 years.

At Lanier's urging, the bill also includes restrictions on carrying guns near dignitaries or at high-profile events. But she says carrying a weapon should be  restricted areas where carrying a weapon would be prohibited to the grounds and parking lots surrounding government buildings. - more....

Medallion Financial Corp Hits New 52-Week Low at $11.00 (TAXI)

Ticker Report - (Internet)

Posted by Ethan Ryder on Oct 15th, 2014 // No Comments

Medallion Financial Corp logoMedallion Financial Corp (NASDAQ:TAXI) reached a new 52-week low during trading on Wednesday , Analyst RN reports. The stock traded as low as $11.00 and last traded at $11.01, with a volume of 105,255 shares trading hands. The stock had previously closed at $11.16.

Separately, analysts at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods reiterated a “market perform” rating on shares of Medallion Financial Corp in a research note on Friday, August 22nd. They now have a $13.00 price target on the stock, down previously from $15.00. - more....

Proposal Could Alter Use of Apps to Dispatch Cabs in New York City

New York Times - (New York City, New York)


For decades, for-hire drivers in New York City have slogged through midshift lulls, when their base dispatchers could find no one to fill the back seats.

The emergence of smartphone apps, many drivers say, has helped considerably, allowing them to pick up passengers the old way while relying on apps like Uber and Lyft to find additional fares on short notice.

But under a proposed rule presented by the de Blasio administration on Thursday, this arrangement could get scrambled, some drivers and app companies said, arguing it would effectively restrict the number of companies a driver could work for.

At a moment of wide-scale upheaval in the industry — the yellow taxi market has also been upended by the smartphone — the rule could reverberate among drivers and passengers who have grown accustomed to using apps.

The rule would prohibit one base from dispatching another’s vehicles without an agreement between the two; ban a practice, known as cross-class dispatching, that blurred the line between livery and black cars; and require bases to submit trip records to the Taxi and Limousine Commission, among other changes.

The city framed the proposed changes as a protection for drivers and passengers, under circumstances that could include traffic crashes or attempts to retrieve lost property. Currently, officials said, the commission has no way to identify the driver of a vehicle dispatched by a “nonaffiliated base,” making it difficult to enforce safety and consumer-protection regulations.

The measure has the enthusiastic support of many in the livery and black-car industries, which include some of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s most generous campaign contributors. Leaders of the taxi and limousine markets, including yellow taxi operators, infused his mayoral campaign with more than $300,000 and have often resisted the expansion of Uber and its rivals.  (The administration noted that it had rankled some in the taxi industry over the expansion of green cabs outside Manhattan and its plan to add a surcharge to help pay for wheelchair-accessible cabs.) - more....

Can Uber Fire Drivers for Tweeting About Uber?

Bloomberg - (New York City, New York)

By Josh Eidelson October 17, 2014

A driver says Uber deactivated him for tweeting something critical about the company. Is that legal?

In an e-mail, reported on Thursday by BuzzFeed’s Jacob Fischler, an Uber manager told Christopher Ortiz, who wanted to start driving again after taking a few months off, that he was out of luck. “Sorry Christopher,” the manager, “John H.,” wrote. “Your account has been permanently deactivated due to hateful statements regarding Uber through Social Media. ‘Driving for Uber, not much safer than driving a taxi.’ Best of luck. UBER on!”

That “not much safer” quote is apparently lifted from a tweet Ortiz sent out in August:

    Driving for Uber, not much safer than driving a taxi

    — Christopher J. Ortiz (@ChrisJOrtiz) August 25, 2014

After Fischler’s article was published, Ortiz’s fortunes changed:

    I’ve suddenly been approved as a driver.

    — Christopher J. Ortiz (@ChrisJOrtiz) October 17, 2014

Uber also e-mailed BuzzFeed saying cutting Ortiz off had been “an error by the local team” and that “we apologize to this highly rated driver partner for the inconvenience.” (Asked for comment, Uber sent the same statement.) - more....

Crowley: Cities embarrass themselves by defending taxi licences and barring Uber

Calgary Herald - (Calgary, Alberta)
By Brian Lee Crowley, Calgary Herald October 15, 2014

Can you blame Uber for being a little confused? Uber is a smartphone ridesharing app that allows people to connect instantly with available drivers. This technology is being rolled out around the industrialized world, including Canada. Uber says it has Calgary in its sights.

High-tech ride-sharing represents a huge threat to the taxi industry, which is a cosy connection between incumbent service providers and municipal governments. Cities limit the number of cabs, driving up the price of a taxi ride and creating inevitable shortages at periods of peak demand. In return, the lucky owners of taxi permits give their political support to the chummy politicians who keep this game going.

In Ottawa, the latest city to see Uber open for business, a taxi permit sells for over $250,000. The sky-high value of these permits reflects their owners' ability to eliminate competition and capture unjustified profits.

It was frustration with such consumer exploitation that led Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to tweet in Ottawa the other night, "75 minutes. 5 calls. No cab. Tonight I see the need for more competition with @Uber."

But the city and the taxi industry, like many of their peers across Europe and North America, including Calgary, are not going down without a fight. And the ground on which they like to fight is that they alone are the defenders of the public's safety in a dangerous world. They require that drivers be trained, taxis be insured and inspected and consumer complaints be investigated. Uber, says the city, endangers the health and safety of Ottawans by heedlessly exposing them to the risk of unqualified and possibly dangerous drivers and uninspected cars.

I'll get to these claims in a moment. But first, here's why Uber might be confused.

If you Google Ottawa and carpooling, you quickly land on a city webpage touting the benefits of ride sharing. Cut costs! Be green! De-stress! Meet new people! "Carpooling is one way that the City ... is working toward addressing traffic congestion and making the most of our transportation network."

Not a word about the awful dangers you might face. - more....

State regulatory board sides with Uber

SaintPetersblog - (St. Petersburg, Florida)

By Janelle Irwin on October 16, 2014

Uber and its drivers are probably doing something of a victory lap today now that news is out that the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation is siding with their right to do business in the state.

Drivers in both Tampa and St. Pete have been collecting tickets for operating against regulation. The problem has been most prevalent in Tampa where the county even bought billboard space cautioning users on the risks associated with riding in an under-insured for-hire vehicle clearly referencing ride share companies Uber and Lyft. Those companies offer nicer rides at cheaper rates through a much more convenient app. At the time of service, no cash is exchanged or payment rendered because that’s all handled through a secure wallet established through the app.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday on the Insurance Regulation Office’s findings that Uber’s $1 million coverage meets the state’s requirements. - more....

Legalized: Uber and Lyft in Austin

Austin Business Journal - (Austin, Texas)

Oct 17, 2014, 7:57am CDT
Michael Theis
Digital Editor- Austin Business Journal

Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. — both based in San Francisco — can soon operating legally in Austin after a measure codifying their taxi-like services passed a final City Council vote Thursday evening.

The measure passed 6-1 with only Councilwoman Laura Morrison dissenting after the City Council struck an amendment that would have required drivers to have commercial insurance in effect from the time they turn on their companies' respective smartphone apps used to find fares. - more....

Car chase: Broward goes after Uber drivers

Sun Sentinel - (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

By Brittany Wallman, Sun Sentinel

The underground taxi service Uber is pushing into Broward County, and the county is pushing back.

Broward taxi licensing officials say they've mounted two sting operations that resulted in citations for drivers of the so-called "ride-share'' service. Enforcers summoned Uber drivers, then issued citations when they arrived for pick-up, county officials acknowledged.

In doing so, Broward joins a myriad of other locales across the world that have gone after the technology-based service, which competes with traditional taxi companies but operates outside taxi regulations.

"When you get into a cab, you're doing something your mother told you never to do: Don't get into a car with a stranger. And the only reason you do is you believe the government has sanctioned it, that there's oversight over them,'' said Mona Fandel, Broward's assistant director of the environmental licensing and building permitting division.

With a click on a smart phone app, a traveler can call for an Uber driver — a personal car owner who offers a sort of carpool service at rates that can beat a commercial taxi.
lRelated Charter a flight with the tap of an app

"It's 20th Century cabs [versus] 21st Century transportation,'' said Commissioner Tim Ryan, expected to be named Broward mayor in November. - more....

Uber drivers in Auburn could face arrest - (Internet)

By Johnny Kampis |

CULLMAN, Ala. — If Auburn residents are driving for Uber, as company officials claim, they risk arrest like their counterparts in Tuscaloosa.

“Yes, we’re operating in Auburn,” spokesman Taylor Bennett wrote in an email to on Thursday.

However, no Auburn residents have applied recently for a vehicle-for-hire business license, meaning if anyone is driving for Uber there they’re doing so illegally, City Manager Charlie Duggan told Watchdog.

“We welcome Uber drivers as long as they follow the regulations,” he said.

Auburn’s vehicle-for-hire ordinance is similar to the one that’s caused the ridesharing service so much consternation in Tuscaloosa, lacking the requirement for a vehicle inspection but requiring background checks on drivers, adequate liability insurance and a business license.

Ridesharing services work through smartphone apps that allow customers to find the location of nearby drivers, who work as independent contractors, and summon a ride.

Unlike in Tuscaloosa, where undercover operations yielded plenty of warnings, citations and one Uber driver arrested for drug possession, Auburn police haven’t put the squeeze on Uber drivers — yet.

Duggan said he hasn’t “been made aware of” any arrests, but noted the misdemeanor charge for violating the city’s vehicle-for-hire ordinance could lead to a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

Capt. Lorenza Dorsey, the Auburn Police Department’s media contact, didn’t return a phone call from Watchdog on Thursday.

Controversy, meanwhile, has died down in Tuscaloosa, where police officers were given the green light to start arresting Uber drivers breaking the vehicle-for-hire law last week. - more....

Ride-Sharing Service Uber Comes to Manchester - (New Hampshire)

Uber launches in Green Bay - (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Dundee taxi driver sentenced for sexual assaults

The Evening Telegraph - (Dundee, Scotland)

By Sheanne Mulholland, 16 October 2014 8.06am. 2014-10-16

A Dundee taxi driver, who sexually assaulted two male passengers in his car, was placed under supervision at the sheriff court.

Mohammed Anwar, 33, of Forfar Road, will be subject to strict supervision for 18 months, on top of 18 months on the sex offenders register and being ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Anwar was previously found guilty of two charges of sexual assault, which took place during two separate taxi journeys, while he was acting as the driver.

The court previously heard Anwar targeted his first victim — a man who cannot be named for legal reasons — after picking him up from the city centre. - more....

Cabbie kicks victim in the head ... to skip a taxi queue

Daily Record - (Glasgow, Scotland)

    * Oct 16, 2014 15:48
    * By Express Reporter

A vicious yob kicked a man unconscious after failing in a cheeky attempt to get into his victim’s taxi.

David O’Donnell, 47, is facing a jail sentence for the shocking attack, during which Robin Pratt was punched to the ground and then booted in the head while he lay there helpless.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard how trouble flared after Mr Pratt and another man, Brian James, called a taxi to pick them up from a town centre pub late at night.

When the cab arrived, O’Donnell – himself a taxi driver – climbed inside, hoping to be taken home to the Foxbar area.

Mr Pratt, 36, and Mr James, 43, tried to haul him back out of the taxi but he responded by launching a vicious attack.

O’Donnell punched Mr James, who ran off to avoid being hit again but slipped and fell a short distance away.

He was left with a broken wrist and elbow as a result.

O’Donnell, of Glendower Way, Paisley, then turned his attention to Mr Pratt, head-butting and punching him until he fell.

As Mr Pratt lay there injured, the thug kicked him on the head, leaving him unconscious. - more....

PCC welcomes new taxi licensing law U-turn

Dorset Echo - (Weymouth, Dorset, England)

First published in News by Diarmuid MacDonagh

DORSET Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martyn Underhill has welcomed the government’s decision to scrap a proposed new taxi licensing law which he believes would have put people at greater risk of sexual assault.

Mr Underhill previously voiced his concerns to West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin about a taxi element of the Deregulation Bill, but the clause has now been withdrawn by the government.

The clause would have allowed taxi drivers to use their vehicles for leisure purposes.

Only licensed private hire drivers can get behind the wheel of a marked private hire vehicle; drivers have to be regularly relicensed and there are restrictions on vehicles operating across local authority boundaries. - more....

Coventry taxi drivers putting students' safety at risk

Coventry Observer - (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England)

By Steve Carpenter Tuesday 23 September 2014

TAXI drivers in Coventry are putting students' safety at risk by illegally refusing to take people short distances.

A survey by the University of Warwick Students' Union (WSU) revealed more than half of the 500 people questioned had been refused lifts by drivers because they wanted longer more profitable fares.

WSU development officer Rob Ankcorn said: “These shocking results reveal that some taxis are regularly breaking the law. By refusing short journeys they are putting young people in danger.

“This is not just a problem for our students but for all young people in general. While we appreciate that not all taxi companies are to be tarnished with the same brush, we are working with the council to stamp out this unacceptable behaviour.”

There are around 6,000 students living in Coventry and 23,000 studying at nearby Warwick University. - more....

Taxi driver in hot water after taking secret pictures of passengers and posting them online with tip comments

Western Mail - (Cardiff, Wales)

    * Oct 17, 2014 17:22
    * By Agency Staff

Taxi driver Richard Evans, left, and some of his customers

A taxi driver got himself in a bit of hot water... after posting secret pictures of his own passengers online.

The cabbie took pictures of his passengers then commented on the generosity or otherwise of their tips.

Needless to say, those who only pay the standard fare don’t get the most glowing review.

In one of his reviews, shared with his 1,800 followers on Twitter, he writes: “No tip - tight a***.”

But an another he says: “50p tip, keep the change, nice guy.”

Another passenger is referred to as “Shrek” because of his bulky appearance.

Richard Evans, 44, a cabbie for more than 10 years, shares his reviews with his fellow taxi drivers in Llanelli.

Other taxi drivers have called for Mr Evans to to be barred from taking customers in his white seven seater Renault Scenic.

Peter Eglitis, boss of Eastside Cabs based in nearby Swansea, questioned his professionalism.

He said: “That is appalling. - more....

Ebola slams brakes on Sierra Leone's taxi industry

France 24 - (Internet)

Sierra Leone’s ‘Okada riders’ are no ordinary taxi drivers. Many of the drivers, who whisk passengers around on motorbikes, were rebel fighters in the country’s brutal civil war that ended in 2002. But Ebola is slamming the brakes on Sierra Leone’s economy, and government efforts to contain this deadly virus have hit the drivers’ businesses.

The latest figures released by the World Health Organization say the virus has claimed more than 4,000 lives. Most of these deaths have occurred in the three worst-affected countries: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. As a result, the International Monetary Fund has cut its growth forecast for Sierra Leone by 3.5%.

The government’s measures introduced to stem the spread of Ebola have hit the country’s multitude of Okada riders particularly hard. Using motorbikes as taxis took off as an idea in the aftermath of the civil war. Thousands of unemployed youths signed up in the aftermath of the conflict, desperate for a source of income. But new restrictions on daytime operating hours and limits to the number of passengers they can carry have cut deep into their earnings. Many are now earning only 25% of what they took home before the virus broke out in May.

“Our fear is that these people could return to crime to make ends meet” - more....

Electric taxis from China go into service in Brussels

Want China Times - (Taipei, Taiwan)

    * Xinhua
    * 2014-10-17
    * 11:26 (GMT+8)

One of the BYD e6 electric taxis in service in Brussels, Oct. 15. (Photo/Xinhua)

Belgian officials on Wednesday welcomed 34 fully electric Chinese-made taxis into service in Brussels.

"Using electricity in public transportation, including the taxi sector, is vital for European citizens' quality of life," Pascal Smet, Brussels' minister for mobility and public works, said at the official launch of the e6 taxis made by BYD, a Shenzhen-based Chinese manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and automobiles.

Smet said the electric taxis generate less pollution and noise.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chinese ambassador to Belgium Liao Liqiang said China had paid great attention to the development of greener vehicles and the energy-saving industry at large.

"These 34 BYD e6 taxis symbolize the leadership of Chinese new vehicle technology, helping to electrify transportation in Brussels," he added.

Liao said that the Chinese government was encouraging more companies such as BYD to invest in Belgium. - more....

All Schiphol taxis now electric cars

NL Times - (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 by Janene Van Jaarsveldt

Picture: City of Amsterdam press release

In a press release the City of Amsterdam announced that starting today all taxi services departing from Schiphol Airport will be taken over by taxi organizations BIOS-groep and BBF SchipholTaxi.

168 fully electric taxis will be introduced – an environmental success for Amsterdam, the taxi industry and the airport. - more....

Airport taxi wait time slashed: RTA

Gulf News - (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

According to the RTA, wait times reduced from 30 minutes to three minutes

    * Staff Report
    * Published: 21:00 October 16, 2014
    * Gulf News

Dubai: Roads officials said on Thursday they had boosted the number of taxis at Dubai International Airport terminals resulting in dramatically slashed waiting times.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said it had implemented the ‘Smart Trips’ initiative in its fleet vehicles in a bid to raise customer satisfaction by reducing taxi wait time.

Each taxi cab will operate on two different shifts whereby the airport taxis will operate at night and normal taxis will operate during the day.

The renewed push is “reducing the taxi waiting time from 30 minutes in 2012 before the initiative was implemented to three minutes in 2014,” the RTA said in a press release on Thursday.

Mohammad Yousuf Saleh, Director of Fleet Operations at Dubai Taxi Corporation, said, “We have implemented the idea in order to ensure develop, improve and optimally utilise the available resources of taxis and cabbies. The Dubai Taxi Corporation runs 350 taxi cabs at Dubai airports to serve arrivals to Dubai emirate, in addition to other 100 taxi cabs to serve VIPs, 80 vehicles for ladies and families, and seven for special needs.” - more....

Asia and the Pacific

Ride-sharing app Uber expands to Gold Coast where its drivers face hefty fines after Queensland Government ban

The Courier-Mail - (Brisbane, Australia)

    * by: Ed Jackson
    * From: AAP
    * October 17, 2014 12:00AM

RIDE-sharing app Uber is defying a government ban to expand their service to the Gold Coast, but its drivers could face hefty fines.

The popular app, which connects passengers with private drivers for paid transport, is now offering services between Southport and Burleigh on the Gold Coast.

That’s despite the State Government issuing a cease-and-desist notice to the company in May when it commenced operations in Brisbane.

Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson said he still had concerns about Uber’s business model, with drivers found to be illegally providing transport services facing a fine of up to $17,600.

“While we welcome innovation in transport technologies, the safety of passengers using regulated services, including taxi and other passenger transport, is our No.1 priority,” Mr Emerson said.

“Passenger transport service operators must comply with legislation to operate legally in Queensland.

“A cease-and-desist notice was sent to Uber on 21 May 2014 and is still current. We have commenced compliance activities to identify any breaches of the legislation.” - more....

Uber v SPAD and RTD – Zafrul Hashim

The Malaysian Insider - (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Published: 16 October 2014

No introductions are needed here. The lines have been clearly drawn for all to see, savour and take sides. The battle cry of safety, reliability and convenience against inefficiency, cronyism and protectionism is strident across the social media landscape. It doesn’t seem like a hard decision to make. Or is it?

Diehard Uber fans are outspoken in their anger following the Land Public Transport Commission’s (SPAD) announcement that Uber must comply with Malaysian laws.

You certainly cannot blame the Malaysian public for wanting a service such as Uber’s. After years of suffering from an inefficient and unreliable taxi industry plagued by unmetered fares, intimidation by drivers and an all-round bad service, disruption is imminent and it has come in the form of Uber.

There is a misconception that Uber has been banned in Malaysia. SPAD has only issued strict warnings to Uber for it to apply for the correct licenses to continue its operations locally. The planned crackdown by the authorities targets private car drivers who offer a taxi-like service but without the proper permits.

Uber is a global service which, according to their website, covers over 200 cities in 45 countries. While they have gained a certain level of legitimacy in some cities, it has been a hard fought battle. Not a single city has willingly given way to Uber nor has Uber backed down despite legal restraints against them.

Uber’s battles are well documented across Europe. - more....

Taxi drivers who reject passengers are susceptible to face legal action

National News Bureau of Thailand - (Bangkok, Thailand)
    Date : 17 ตุลาคม 2557

BANGKOK, 17 October 2014 (NNT) - The Traffic Police Chief has declared that the police have come up with measures to arrest taxi drivers who refuse to accept passengers. Meanwhile, a lot of people on social media sites have praised one police officer who stepped in to take action against these taxi drivers.

Facebook users have shared photos of Pol. Sub. Lt. Meewichai Muangklang after he had fined three taxi drivers who have denied to take a passenger who was trying to get a cab at the Mahboonkrong (MBK) shopping area on October 14th. The drivers were charged with rejecting passengers without a valid reason, which is a violation of the law. - more....

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